Propeller Programming: Using Assembler, Spin, And C

Propeller Programming: Using Assembler, Spin, And C

English | 5 Apr. 2018 | ISBN: 1484233530 | 307 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 7.65 MB

Learn to program the propeller in Spin and C and how to map the Propeller Assembler language (PASM) from other high-level languages you might know.
The overall task you will pursue in the book is to implement a Delta Compression algorithm: first in Spin, then in PASM, then in C. Along the way, you’ll review Test Driven Development, a powerful technique for validating code, and conclude with a chapter on hardware manipulations. The book’s main goal is to help you extend the capabilities of the Propeller processor by using the Assembler language.

What You’ll Learn
Use a data compression/decompression application to introduce PASM to the reader

Integrate C and PASM code
Review hardware interactions (setting and reading pins)
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